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Project WAGTAIL RAVEN: Commonwealth Department of Defence Digital Learning CMS Developer – Marconi Selenia Communications Personal Role Radio.

Marconi Selenia Communications Personal Role Radio.

  • Delivery of Fleet of Land Combat Radios ancillary equipment WAGTAIL (VHF), RAVEN (VHF/HF) & Pintail
  • Project RAVEN VHF Frequency Hopping Radio System
  • Project WAGTAIL Radio System & Communications Harness
  • Joint Project 2072 Battlespace Communications System (Land) (BCS(L)) Phase 2A – delivering Combat Radios and ancillary equipment.
  • TRAINING TECHNOLOGY – creating training programs in all forms of media to assist in the training. Using the latest in video and multimedia authoring production techniques to create rich media learning environments and courses.
  • 3D Animations from storyboard concepts to implementation and UAT testing.
  • Creating Vector Graphics, Animations, Interactives, Learning Systems LCMS.
  • Radio System & Communications Harness.
  • Management of Design and Implementation of a new automated testing facility for VHF Radio Systems.
  • Liaison with Commonwealth Department of Defence agencies and Department of Defence contractors.
  • Under the Command of Major General the Honourable Michael Jeffery, AC, AO (Mil), CVO, MC (Retd).


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From Phantom to Force: Towards a More Efficient and Effective Army



Company Name Defence JP2072
Location Sydney, Australia
Royal Australian Corps of Signals

Battlespace Communications System (LAND) JP 2072 Phase 2A

In land communications, BAE Systems is the design authority for more than A$1.5 billion worth of existing Australian fielded tactical communications equipment through the Raven, Wagtail and Parakeet projects.

Designer for JP2072 phases 1 and 2A
JP2072 Phase 1 & 2A delivered Combat Radios and ancillary equipment to replace the Wagtail, Pintail and Raven fleets for the majority of the Australian Land Force. Employed as an Designer to co-ordinate and manage the technical certification of the equipment.
· Conducted Technical Certification on JP2072 Phase 1 & 2A equipment.
· Liaised with OEM’s regarding issues identified during certification of equipment.
· Managed and authored Technical Data on the JP2072 equipment.
· Carried out Engineering Change Orders as a designer on various radios and ancillary equipment.
· Experience in dealing with equipment that has been classed as International Traffic of Arms Regulations

Joint Project 2072 Battlespace Communications System (Land) (BCS(L)) Phase 2A is delivering Combat Radios and ancillary equipment to replace the Wagtail, Pintail and Raven fleets for the majority of the Land Force. Phase 2A will also establish the mature support system for the new generation Combat and Tactical Data Radios.

Boeing, Defence sign $665 million battlefield comms contract.

The overarching JP2072 project is actually a multi-phase program of complex projects, which together have been described as the ‘Telstra of the battlespace’. Phases 1 and 2A have seen the roll-out of modern software defined radios to replace the earlier generation Pintail, Wagtail and Raven radios used in the tactical communications environment, and the two phases are now largely complete.

Around 19,000 VHF/UHF and another 4,000 HF radios have been delivered and both projects are now in the sustainment phase.

Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan have highlighted the versatility and dependability of indirect fire and its success in these operations is said to be directly attributable to the range of new generation munitions, networked command and control technology and the increased autonomy and enhanced mobility of platforms within the system.

Land 125 also is obtaining tactical communications systems that are outside the JP2072 program. These include substantial numbers of the Marconi Selenia Communications Personal Role Radio. U.K. and U.S. marines used the radios in operations in Iraq.