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Siemens Mobile Wave Tour 2001 at Fox Studios, Sydney, Australia.


Mandatory Credit: Nick Laham / ALLSPORT

Fox Studios Australia, Siemens, Sydney, Australia

Pro Finals Results Sydney

Rank Rider WR Points
1. Chris Miller (USA) 16
2. Bill Bryan (USA) 12
3. Rush Randle (CAN) 8
4. Christian Fletcher (USA) 6
5. Ueli Kestenholz (SUI) 4
6. Jason Prior (USA) 5
7. Brian Talme (BAR) 3
8. Conan Hayes (USA) 2
9. Andy Macdonald (USA) 1

Sydney – 21.03.2001

The Siemens mobile Wave hit Sydney’s Fox studios during the beginning of February as the first stop of the Siemens Mobile Wave World Tour.

Australia is world famous for its surf and one might think it to be a strange country to set up an artificial wave, Wave Loch’s Bruticus Maximus was however the talk of the town. Four massive, jet engine pumps shoot 500,000 liters of water a minute up a curved stainless steal and foam surface creating the world’s first portable standup tube…none could resist checking it out.

It was the middle of summer but little did we know that Sydney was having some of its worst weather on record for years. The rain came but it did not deter the Aussies, renowned for being a tough bunch, they came in huge crowds to watch their sporting heroes ride the wave. Local heroes Luke Egan, Beau Emerton, Matt Hoy and Luke Steadman represented the surf elite, while some unlikely wave enthusiasts the local Rugby team, the Sydney “Roosters” even showed up to take part in the fun. Amongst the international boardriders (that is from all walks of side-stance board sports) surfers, skaters, snowboarders, windsurfers, skimboarders including Andy MacdonaldConan HayesJason PriorBrian TalmaBill BryanChristian Fletcher, Rush RandleChris Miller and Peter King were invited to compete but the crowds were definitely most excited to watch their home grown Aussie surfers.

The word had obviously spread around Australia with help from Luke Egan, Beau Emerton and Matt Hoy who had already ridden the wave and Pro surfers turned up from all over the country. Bearing in mind Australia is certainly not small it was impressive the distances these guys had traveled to check out the wave. The Australian Pro surfers were for sure the ones who managed to master riding the wave the quickest, it was incredible to see them getting barreled and taking airs after only riding the wave for a couple of sessions. I guess when they are used to getting beaten up at Pipe the wave did not seem that scary!

The rugged & handsome Luke Stedman was crowd favorite, well at least the girl’s favorite, and impressed us with his “shaggy dog”, and “I have not eaten in four months look”.
Joel Parkinson, World junior champion and in many peoples eyes the future world champion rode the wave as if he had been training on it for weeks, it was his second day and he was riding with confidence and the poise of a champion.
Luke Egan world #2 and the local media’s dream boy spent most of his time in the barrel and throwing huge spray on the crowd with his cutbacks.

Qualifications took place on the Friday night.

The weather finally changed a clear night meant a huge crowd showed up. All the guys had been riding for nearly a week and the standard of riding was incredible. As usual Bill Bryan was going crazy and it was impossible to tell whether he was riding regular or switch…Chris Miller was flying higher than ever. No one came close to the boosting as big as Chris. Christian Fletcher was in cruise mode during qualifications…he qualified easily but his little smirk let you know he was up to something. Brian Talma, the irie man from Barbados, was hard at it, consistently pulling off his irie-roll (sort of a backspin-breakdance-looking 540 flip) Local pro surfers Luke Egan, Matt Hoy and Beau Emerton were giving the crowd some real hometown hero rides. Canadian/Hawaiian, Jason Prior was definitely the iron man of the event. This guy was not only the wave operator, tank diver, repairman he was the first on and last off each day. All this practice also makes for some unique carving lines. Although Jason’s a professional windsurfer he looked like he was carving a mountain. He was doing huge bottom turn top turn combos unlike anyone else.

The main event was on Saturday night. Saturday night in downtown Sydney Australia right across from the cricket grounds! What an eerie setting you’d think to be riding a wave, but it seemed so absolutely natural in this golden age of extreme sports and technology.

Everyone came out firing for the finals. It was as if they all suddenly remembered that there was cash on the line. Hawaiian transplanted pro surfer John Shimooka and rider Peter King dished out the punishment on the microphone as each rider took his turn trying to impress the judges. The top 2 places were separated by 2 points, style master Chris Miller took first place with impeccable grabs and smoothness, Beaker Bryanpulled the craziest airs and weirdest lines. Rushgained a much wanted 3rd place after a long recovery comeback from shoulder surgery, “Chicken” Fletcher who most likely could win if he wanted to be serious proved to be the ultimate showman and best entertainer of the event with a selection of masks and demons coming alive in the finals, whoever has seen a devil doing a backflip? The rest of the pros pulled equally amazing moves, each with their own signature style, however, ride of the night had to go to Beau Emerton who managed to impress everyone with his impression of a “seppo” surfer. As usual fond memories and friendships were had by all.

Siemens tours mobile wave

By AdNews | 16 February 2001 Comment Siemens Mobile Phones has committed to a three-year sponsorship of the Siemens Mobile Wave Tour, a worldwide flow boarding display event that kicked off at Fox Studios on 6 February, to take its mobile products to a younger generation, aligning its brand with all the excitement of surf, snowboarding and skateboarding.Funded by the company’s head office in Germany, the tour features a massive surf tank holding 500,000 litres of water that can produce a wave 4m high, with top international surf, skate and snowboard talent, and offers free entry, DJs and live bands.The young kids are so excited to be able to see the wave and the top professionals in their sports, says marketing manager Jane Morgan. Our marketing hasnt been a hard push selling product, more like just come along and have a great time at the event.At the PR launch, celebrities and sports identities took on the wave, generating substantial media coverage from Channel V, the Nine Network and Fox Sports, which has filmed a half-hour program for international distribution.Morgan says the initiative, first dreamed up by a former vice-president of Siemens, is a crucial part of the brands strategy to reach youth. Were now in a situation where we have the right products and we saw the potential in the mobile wave. There are only two in the world and we’ve got both.Siemens has secured partnerships with leading brands like sunglasses label Oakley, surf manufacturer Billabong, Toyota, Smirnoff, Toohey’s and Pepsi.A street team took to Manly and Bondi beaches in promotional vehicles supplied by Toyota, publicising the event and supplying posters to surf stores. We’ve mainly focused our advertising on the sport and surf sections of local press, as well as word-of-mouth to raise awareness, explains Morgan, who adds that the success of the local event will determine if the tour starts in Australia again next year.After Sydney, the tour will head to nine cities internationally, including San Diego, Rio, California and Dubai.
Read more at http://www.adnews.com.au/9E2DBDA2-72D7-466E-BFD5FD06AEC33937#Xb1RVPhczF32deke.99

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